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You may have seen him as the president of The United States in White House Down or as Django Freeman in Django Unchained. Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented artist who’s been working on his craft since 1989. He is an American singer, comedian, and a renowned actor.


He is Eric Marlon Bishop, born to Darrel Bishop and Louise Talley in Texas, United States. His father, renamed to Shahid Abdulla after converting to Islam, was a stockbroker. Mark Talley and Esther Marie, his maternal grandparents, adopted young Jamie months after his birth. Due to his grandmother’s insistence, he joined the boys’ scouts and the church choir. He began piano lessons at the tender age of five.

His funny bone was evident from his school days. He was a bright student and also played basketball and football in High School. He studied music in college.… Read the rest