Throughout his many endeavors, he has had many nicknames. In his bodybuilding days, he was The Austrian oak, The Governator during his political career, and Schwartzy, the actor. He is a man who has worn different hats and achieved massive success in each. He is an actor, former California Governor, former bodybuilder, businessman, and author. He was an immigrant who went to America with empty pockets, little English, and a big desire to be the best. 


Born on July 30, 1947, in Austria, Schwarzenegger was raised in a strict home where the rod wasn’t spared for a spoilt child. He had a great relationship with his mother, Aurelia, but a horrible one with his father, Gustav. To the extent, Schwarzenegger failed to attend his father’s burial! Gustav favored his older brother over him because Arnold wasn’t his biological son. He was an average student in school but stood out for his good character.

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