A Famous Painter in California

In the medium of paint and canvas, artist Camille Rose Garcia has a little bit of everything. Her paintings occasionally reveal a message about humanity or society hidden behind their abstract nature. On the other hand, many of her paintings are inspired by cartoons from her childhood, which she often decorates with bright colors and flowers. She didn’t choose to start a painting company, instead, she had her own style.

Born in 1969 in Los Angeles to Mexican immigrant parents, Camille is proud of her heritage even though it is generally not something that most people can relate to. She’s been considered one of America’s best young artists since the age of 15 when she was first recognized for her art by curator Irene Besser at a local museum in L.A., where Camille lives today.

In the early 1990s, Camille went to study at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she later taught. After marrying her husband and having a child, she moved back to Los Angeles, and in 2004 had her first solo show at the prestigious L.A. gallery Margo Leavin.

Camille Rose Garcia’s art has since been exhibited in galleries around the world, most notably in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo. In 2015 she was even commissioned by Walt Disney Studios to paint a series of original pieces inspired by Alice in Wonderland for an exhibition at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

With all of her success as an artist, Camille Rose Garcia still takes great care in selecting each one of her exhibitions very carefully.